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Dorota Maunder-Cockram – DMCI am smiley & optimistic, always having enough energy and creative ideas!I am passionate about travelling.
Seeing new places, learning about new cultures and building new connections is how I enjoy life!
Sport is one of my favorite ways to spend time.Sports let me keep my body and mind in a good condition.If not cross fit, any time is good for a run!My family and friends are another big part of who I am. I am married to Robin, and I love to spend time with him and the rest of my family.
 I invest lots of time in my personal and professional network which includes people from at least 25 countries, across 4 continents. Staying in close touch with people is very important to me which is why I try to balance work and network.
Getting to know new people and maintaining contact with them is really easy for me. I like to listen and talk to people, let them inspire me and seek ways of meaningful interaction with them.Professionally I am a transport engineer – I plan transport networks and design warehouses. I am a strategic planner, identifying the actions required as well as prioritizing and planning them to achieve long term objectives comes natural to me. I use these skills while arranging Weddings.
Out of passion for organizing and arranging things, I started Wedding Planning business. I planned all the details for my own wedding and I am doing that also for others.

I am a certified Wedding Planner, I still am educating myself. The wedding industry is an incredibly dynamic field and I love to learn.

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