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The Complex Wedding Planning:

πŸ’™ Multiplex service which consists of full organisation of elements, the following must be defined and chosen:
– Location of the ceremony, reception and party, as well as accommodation
– Date
– Details of the ceremony
– Accomodation of the guests – a suitable hotel or other place that meets expectations of Bride & Groom
– Decorations, additions and general theme of the wedding
– Music
– Photography
– Movie
– Transportation of Bride, Groom and the wedding guests, also ones from abroad who need more complicated travel plan
πŸ’™ Arranging all the elements and attractions, like bartenders, singing, classics live music for the ceremony
πŸ’™ Preparation of the documentation and administration related to marriage, also if you get married in the country where you don’t come from
πŸ’™ Advices related to choice of wedding dress and suit
πŸ’™ Deals with make up specialist, hair stylist for Bride, groom as well as for the guests
πŸ’™ Before the wedding I visit all the places of ceremony, party and accommodation on order to make relation with the locals
πŸ’™ The Coordination – I will be present during the Wedding Day

I have plenty of ideas, and I would be happy to share them, adjust and advise.
Any specific wishes are welcome, I will also propose many special attractions for the whole Wedding Event.

The Coordination of the Wedding Day

Wedding Coordinator makes it a peaceful and easy time for the Bride & Groom as well as for the family and guests. They only need to show up and have fun!

The Coordination of the Wedding Day:
πŸ’™ Takes place at the wedding day
πŸ’™ Considers of managing the ceremony and the whole day of wedding, all its elements
πŸ’™ Creating & Managing the timeline
πŸ’™ Preparing of a scenario of the ceremony, reception and the party
πŸ’™ Contacting the vendors, staying in constant touch with them and updating the about the planning
πŸ’™ Handling logistics
πŸ’™ Overcoming any last-minute challenges
πŸ’™ Making sure that the vision and scheme are executed properly
πŸ’™ Identifying the flaws in the planning and/or design and having it corrected before the wedding day

Partial Wedding Planning

Besides complex wedding planning, which consists of wedding day Coordination, I offer my clients Partial Wedding Planning.

It Considers Planning and organizing only these elements of the Wedding which are chosen by Bride & Groom.
The other parts & elements they arrange on their own.

This is also an interesting and nicely challenging task. My offer must fit the choice of Bride & Groom.

It allows creativity and cooperation and joint actions.

Bachelorette Parties & Trips

Bachelorette Party is a special celebration for a bride-to-be, an opportunity for female bonding.

This offer includes:
πŸ’™ Preparing a plan of a Bachelorette Party or a Trip
πŸ’™ Gathering ideas & thoughts shared by the maid of honor and best friends of the bride
πŸ’™ Proposing games, activities, attractions suitable for wishes of team if the Bride
πŸ’™ Selecting the best and most suitable location
πŸ’™ Arranging details like travel details, accomodation, food, access to places

It could be a full day, an evening as well as the whole weekend away!

Motioning Wedding Location

It is a service related to:
πŸ’™ Finding a suitable wedding location, following requirements of The Bride & Groom
πŸ’™ Proposing details of a few selected venues
πŸ’™ Presenting their offer and arranging the meetings.

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